Сэм (plutishka) wrote in israeli,

Interesting places in Eilat.

Hello, friends.
I ask your help. I am russian, and I come to Israel several days ago to Eilat. I stay in home of my friends. I ask them  to show some interesting places here, because I have only two weeks here, and after I will come back to the Saint-Petersburg to -20 frost and winter. But they can show me only sea, beach and shops - it is not so interesting for me, I can interest in sea only a few hours in the day, but there is 24 hours in each day:)
I want to walk, to go to the mountains, to go to the cultural and special Israel places and so on. I want events and actions!

What to do? Can you help me? Please, tell me about interesting places and events in Eilat, and may be in other towns and places near Eilat.

I can write russian, but only translit, I have not russian letters in computer now.
I want to bring a lot of sun and good minds to the frost and winter.

Toda raba.
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