Shani (andustar) wrote in israeli,

Music sites?

Hi all, my name's Shani. I was born in Israel but have been living in London since I was very young. I still speak Hebrew fluently and read it fine, although slowly. Unfortunately though I can't spell to save my life, and don't have a Hebrew keyboard, which makes trying to Google anything a bit of a pain.

Recently I've been getting interested in the Israeli music scene, about which I know a total of absolutely nothing. But I would love to see live music when I'm there, and to follow what's going on, listen to music in Hebrew, etc. I've been feeling an itch for new music lately and I could use the language practice. However I'm hampered by the above. The only Israeli music I have is from my parents and about twenty years old! I'm fed up of their collection of Matti Caspi and Achinoam Nini :P

Can anyone recommend any good music sites or blogs? I'd just like somewhere where I can pick up some names and get an idea of what's going on. My music tastes are pretty broad and I'm hoping to widen them further so anything goes at the moment. I just need somewhere to start.

Feel free to reply in Hebrew, I could use the practice :)
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